Associate of the Royal Photographic Society

As a member of the Royal Photographic Society, I have already been awarded the Licentiate distinction for a panel of 10 images that I submitted in 2016. Since then I had been working towards the Associate award of the society. For this, fifteen images had to be produced within a cohesive piece of work and … Continue reading Associate of the Royal Photographic Society

Fuji X-E3 and the Fujinon 18mm F/2

I purchased my Fujifilm X-E3 in March of 2018. It was to replace the X-E2 which I sold. The reason for replacing the small X-E2 with the equally small 3 was to reduce the amount of camera equipment that I carried whilst on holiday with Mrs M. The X-E3 came with the Fujinon 23mm F/2 … Continue reading Fuji X-E3 and the Fujinon 18mm F/2

Fujifilm releases new updates for X-T2, GFX 50s and X-T20 cameras.

The promised updates have now been released by Fujifilm for the GFX 50s, X-T20 and the X-T2.   The updates for the X-T2 are listed below 1) New AF tracking algorithm for moving subject. Thanks to the newly developed image recognition algorithm, the update enhances AF-C to track moving subjects twice as fast as previous … Continue reading Fujifilm releases new updates for X-T2, GFX 50s and X-T20 cameras.

New Arrivals

My parcel from Wex arrived today (brilliant service as usual) and in it was my brand-spanking new Fujifilm X-T1 camera and two new lenses. The image below shows the X-T1 with my new XF55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 R LM OIS zoom lens attached, and behind it my  X-E2 with the new XF18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR … Continue reading New Arrivals

Fuji and Kaizen

As someone who is leaving Nikon to move to Fuji, I came across an interesting and gratifying comment made by Fuji managers Toshihisa Iida and Makoto Oishi when they met At one point they were discussing the principal of Kaizen,which is the Japanese practice of continuous development of a project. The Fuji representatives said: Toshihisa Iida: Of … Continue reading Fuji and Kaizen

Faux infra-red trials – 2

Here’s the second infra-red test, this time on a building, a temple at Stowe.  Perhaps not such a pronounced effect as the statue picture, but then again real IR photographs don’t always work, it depends on the light and subject. >>©<<

Busy day

It has been a busy day today.  I had a meeting in Long Compton at 10.00 for a newly-formed Visual Art group for the Royal Photographic Society.  It was a very interesting and productive day.  There were new as well as old faces there all eager to get the group up and going. We had … Continue reading Busy day

Latest Commission

I have just finished my latest commission.  I used Peak Imaging to print the image and the frame came from EZE-Frame. The picture is being purchased as a retirement presentation. >>©<<

On Real Photographers. An article by David duChemin

I make no apologies about highlighting another article from my favourite photographer/writer, David duChemin. This man just gets better and better. His latest blog post called 'On Real Photographers', takes issue with all those 'Professional' photographers who complain that there are two many people taking pictures / owning cameras / selling photographs / giving away … Continue reading On Real Photographers. An article by David duChemin


I’ve been smacking the photography demons away from infecting my brain lately because they keep whispering, “Try infrared, try infrared”. I actually would really like to give it a go and have even gone as far as to look at camera possibilities and companies to do the conversion. The Nikon D70 is a good camera … Continue reading Infrared?

Library of Birmingham Photography Archive threatened with closure and staff cuts

Just before Christmas, Birmingham Council announced that they are proposing significant cuts at the Library of Birmingham, and particularly to close the Photography Archive and remove the entire staff. Professor in the Culture of Photography at the University of Brighton and Financial Times photography critic, Francis Hodgson wrote a post on his blog, Another One Bites … Continue reading Library of Birmingham Photography Archive threatened with closure and staff cuts


From the start of September, I am only working four days a week – I now have Wednesday’s off. The idea was Mrs M’s who decided that I needed to step away from work a little more. Our circumstances have enabled us to contemplate doing this and after initial misgivings I agreed to do it. … Continue reading Changes

A wee dram or five.

I've just received my 'Drinks by the Dram' 'tester' kit of Tomintoul whisky that I ordered from Masters of Malt. Tomintoul is supposed to be a gentle whisky with a light palate. In the nicely presented box are 5cl (30ml) of the following expressions:Tomintoul 10 year oldTomintoul 12 year old Oloroso Sherry caskTomintoul 14 year oldTomintoul … Continue reading A wee dram or five.

Finding time

How many times do we hear from friends and work colleagues that they find it very difficult juggling family (not literally) and work in order to make time to pursue their personal interests to their own satisfaction. I personally have never felt that I had that problem. I ensure that all my chores are done … Continue reading Finding time

Revisiting the RPS

What a difference a few years make. Five or six years ago I was a member of the Royal Photographic Society and I remember the dark website that was like entering an old fashioned gentleman’s club and sometime worked properly and sometimes didn’t. The society’s magazine ‘the Journal’ was printed on thin, not very good quality … Continue reading Revisiting the RPS

Updated Portfolio

I have just uploaded images from November 2013 on to my portfolio site   This website contains images that I consider to be the best pictures from each month as well as photographs from my special projects. Please go and have a look if you haven’t visited already.

Auto ISO

I spent my early photography days using film, especially reversal film which resulted in slides to show in a projector. Reversal film is not as forgiving as print film and that meant that you had to be pretty accurate with all camera settings and that included using the ISO recommended by the manufacturer. I started … Continue reading Auto ISO

365 Project 2014

I've decided to do another 365 project this year starting on January 1. This will be the second one that I have done. Once again I have some friends who are going to attempt it with me, from last time: Martyn and Carol and a '365 newbie', Rod. Like last time I have prepared daily … Continue reading 365 Project 2014