Give it a rest

As photographers, we all have our favourite subjects and type of photography that we like to shoot and as creatives, we can all feel a little nervous when we are taken out of our comfort zone into a different place.

I am not an urban photographer, and never have been but for this month the club project was “Cities in black and white”. So, I set off into town early one weekend during the month to get images for the project.
Initially, I found it difficult to get motivated, but gradually the mood and feel of the city began to permeate and I started to get photographs. Two hours later I put my camera away, had a cup of coffee and sausage batch (you can tell I’m a midlander) and felt pleased with my mornings’ work. I had really enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone.


Fujifilm XE-2, Fujinon XF 35mm F/2

Back home, the images were downloaded and I went through them to see which ones I could use for the monthly project. I was disappointed. I found a couple that seemed OK but most of the pictures did not fill me with enthusiasm. I decided to leave them for a couple of days and then have another look at them.


Fujifilm XE-2, Fujinon XF 35mm F/2

A couple of days later and I was looking through the pictures again in Lightroom. This time I found another image I could work on and then another. Coming at the photographs with a refreshed outlook really helped. In the end, over the next few days, I pulled out a total of ten possibles. Now, I will not work on all of them, I know that once I start looking at them closely I will find problems with some of them and I will not use them. But this just goes to show, that sometimes you have to step away from your work to actually see it clearly.



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