A matter of confidence?

I would think that most people who know me would think of me as a confident person. For the most part, I feel that I am. However, when it came to my photography, I always had doubts that it was good enough. This self-critique in itself is obviously a good thing. We analyse our work … Continue reading A matter of confidence?

More than one

I recently attended a regular meeting of the RPS Visual Art group. One of the speakers that day was Sam Gregory. Sam is a professional photographer and tutor for Light and Land photographic holidays. His talk, suitably embellished with his brilliant photography was excellent. If you want to see what his photographs are like then … Continue reading More than one

Monochrome or bust

I’ve always loved monochrome photography. From the time I was at university developing and printing my own films in the cavernous dark rooms under the building up to now with digital cameras and processing. Of course, I have always done some colour images. In the eighties, it was transparencies with Fujichrome, but even then I … Continue reading Monochrome or bust

Photo Projects

Photograph: FADED BEAUTY Brief Many photographers have been drawn to record the processes of decay, decline and deterioration. For this project explore the idea of recording change, creating photographs that capture things at specific moments in their continuing physical journey. Locations suitable: historic cemeteries, crumbling houses, castles and estates. choose a place which gives you … Continue reading Photo Projects

Inside the Outside – Conceptual Landscape Photography

Having been alerted to their presence by a twitter post, I must admit to having been both amazed and informed by the Inside the Outside (ITO) photographic collective. They are part of a movement called conceptual landscape photography. Having found my way to their website and being astounded by the quality of work on it I must … Continue reading Inside the Outside – Conceptual Landscape Photography