Digitising Transparencies 3

The on-going digitization of my 35mm slides from thirty years ago continues apace. I think I now have the whole setup sorted to the extent that I get the equipment placed out fairly quickly. To get decent images you need to ensure not only that the camera is level on all axis but that the … Continue reading Digitising Transparencies 3

Printer Refillable Cartridge System by Marrutt

I have to say that I really love printing my photographs. I have had my Epson SC P600 for about 18 months and from the get-go, it was a breeze to use. I use Lightroom to print my images and that also is so easy to set up and use. There was, of course, some … Continue reading Printer Refillable Cartridge System by Marrutt

Photo Project

Photograph: A PARTICULAR CHARACTERISTIC   Brief: You are to pick two titles from the list below and take one photograph for each of them. You must be very critical in obtaining your images. For example, all circular images must be circular, not oval, and red objects must be red and not orange.   Blue Red Yellow Circular Square  


Today I said no to the Fujifilm X-Pro3 and purchased an X-T3. My main camera is an X-Pro2 which is great and I really wanted a third model to come out so I saved up my pennies. When I heard the announcement of the release of the X-Pro 3 I was really looking forward to … Continue reading X-Pro3?

Monochrome or bust

I’ve always loved monochrome photography. From the time I was at university developing and printing my own films in the cavernous dark rooms under the building up to now with digital cameras and processing. Of course, I have always done some colour images. In the eighties, it was transparencies with Fujichrome, but even then I … Continue reading Monochrome or bust

Photo Projects

Photograph: FADED BEAUTY Brief Many photographers have been drawn to record the processes of decay, decline and deterioration. For this project explore the idea of recording change, creating photographs that capture things at specific moments in their continuing physical journey. Locations suitable: historic cemeteries, crumbling houses, castles and estates. choose a place which gives you … Continue reading Photo Projects

Inside the Outside – Conceptual Landscape Photography

Having been alerted to their presence by a twitter post, I must admit to having been both amazed and informed by the Inside the Outside (ITO) photographic collective. They are part of a movement called conceptual landscape photography. Having found my way to their website and being astounded by the quality of work on it I must … Continue reading Inside the Outside – Conceptual Landscape Photography