A Thin Veil

I look at other photographers images all the time. I browse their websites, I buy their books and I eagerly soak up their images. I look at their photographs with admiration, envy and I gain inspiration that I try to channel into my photographs.

Every now and then I see some images that literally take my breath away and catching up on the latest e-magazine by the Kage Collective I saw just such a set.

They are by the commercial and documentary photographer Patrick La Roque. Titled “A Thin Veil”, the photographs are prefaced by a poem that I think was written by Patrick himself.

Just below the poem are the photographs. They are black and white photographs of silky tones, bokeh and half-glimpsed shapes. Shadows and highlights on metal; mysterious shapes that are cropped by the frame and half-hidden forms that you try and see but just can’t quite make out. They are ominous images of mystery and dreams, a glimpse of another world that exists just outside our vision.

I think they are absolutely superb, go and have a look.

Patrick La Roque – A Thin Veil



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