Mountains to climb


When we first pick up a camera or take a picture with a mobile phone it’s purely a way of recording that moment in time. There probably isn’t any other thought about the photograph other than that. But some of us move on from taking snapshots, take an interest and want more from the hobby. But like anything else that involves our artistic senses and abilities, there are stages that we go through until we reach where we want to be. It may be enough to take snapshots of families, holidays and pets etc, but for others, it is just the start of a long, fascinating road with steep mountains to climb.

Photographer Alex Buisse has looked at the “journey” that photographers find themselves on and has found that it can be broken down into six stages. Each of us at our present stage in the hobby fits into one of these categories.

Have a look at Buisse’s really interesting article and try and work out which stage you may be at.




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