Associate of the Royal Photographic Society

As a member of the Royal Photographic Society, I have already been awarded the Licentiate distinction for a panel of 10 images that I submitted in 2016.
Since then I had been working towards the Associate award of the society. For this, fifteen images had to be produced within a cohesive piece of work and entered into one of the genres relevant to the Associate award.

After a couple of false starts, in 2018 I started to get my project together and in June this year, I entered the completed panel into the Fine Art associate distinction assessment.
I was overjoyed when I was told that my work had been deemed of associate quality and that it had been recommended to the Council for ratification. A week later the distinction was confirmed and I was given the associate award in Fine Art Photography.

I have now placed the images on my website together with the panel layout and the statement of intent that forms part of the submission. Click here to see my ARPS panel.



6 thoughts on “Associate of the Royal Photographic Society

  1. Clive I’m so thrilled for you. It’s an amazing documentary of the building now. The light and shadows are awesome – so emotive. I can almost see the dust particles swirling in the emptiness. You are a genius!


  2. Thank you so much Carol, considering you and the club got to see some of the (probably) boring route through to the final images, I think you are being very generous. I really appreciate your thoughts on all my work.


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