After my last blog before Christmas, I have given a lot of thought to what I plan to do photography-wise in the coming year. I have decided to have some time off from the degree and to look at it again later in the year. I am allowed to postpone the next module until November … Continue reading Decision…made!


So. it’s the 23 December, and I’m sitting in front of my monitor and about to start processing another image from the summer. I’m still on July, working on the images I took in Venice. Although my University module with the Open College of the Arts finished in September (which I passed) I don’t seemed … Continue reading Decisions…decisions

DNG Dread

With all the spitting and spite currently being vented upon the devils of Adobe at the moment it's probably only natural that the future of their allegedly open-source file system, DNG (Digital Negative) is now being called into question. DNG has been touted by Adobe as the file system that all the camera manufacturers should … Continue reading DNG Dread