Photo Hunt Image

I’ve just realised that I hadn’t put an image on the blog for the photo hunt that took place at Baddesley Clinton a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s an image of the gate in the corner of the garden.


Baddesley Clinton
Baddesley Clinton

When I had originally converted the image to mono, I wasn’t really impressed with the feel or the drama of the picture – I felt there was something else I could do with it. So, I decided to enhance the light coming through the gate to give it a little bit of an eerie glow. The sunlight wasn’t really coming through the gate like that, as it wasn’t in that direction – it was to my left, so I had to introduce the light on the floor and the hint of the gate’s shadow. I darkened the edges slightly in Photoshop and then used the new ‘Radial Filter’ in Lightroom to lighten up the walls either side of the gate.