Out and About – Photo Hunt at Baddesley Clinton

Today’s shoot was a photo hunt organised by the Project13Group, to which I belong. The shoot took place at the National Trust’s Baddesley Clinton property. I got there an hour early and treated myself to a delicious lunch in their excellent café.

Ten minutes before the start of the hunt, each of us was given six subjects and then given two hours to get images relevant to those titles. My six titles were:


The hunt started at 13.00 and ended at 15.00.

I found I was quite focussed on this shoot and didn’t really notice the other visitors to the house and grounds. I was mindful throughout the shoot that I now needed to expand my photographic awareness beyond that of a ‘nice’ picture, and to instead look for the image that would provide the impetous for people to want to look at the image again and again.

The light was pretty variable during the shoot going from bright sunlight to few minutes of overcast sky. What this did mean however was there were strong clouds to augment any landscape shots that were taken. I took over 120 pictures to arrive at the six that I needed. I hope to have something worth while from that quantity.