Out and About – Hatton Locks

There’s been a bit of a delay putting this post up as I have been unwell. Sinusitis and an infected tooth have laid me pretty low over the last couple of weeks and so blogging has not been top of my priorities.

On Sunday 20th I had been ill for over a week and had been cooped up in the house for about five days, and so I suggested to my wife that to get a bit of fresh air we take a walk along the canal at Hatton. It wasn’t a photography generated suggestion, so I only took my Nikon P300 compact. I enjoyed getting the fresh air but I felt pretty tired after half an hour of walking and so we grabbed a coffee at the superb canal-side café at Hatton and rested before the walk back to the car.

I took a few pictures – nothing special – but the canal was smooth and still so there were opportunities for images of reflections. The one below is a reflection of a small launch that was berthed on the canal. I’ve turned the image upside down, to give a different view of the reflection from the right way up as it were.

Launch reflections - Hatton
Launch reflections, Hatton – Nikon D800