15 Days – Day 2

Day 2: Wednesday 25th March It’s another glorious day again today in the UK midlands. The sky is completely blue and if you get out of the slight breeze it’s very warm. The first job today was to set up Emz’s workstation in the study. Both Mrs M and I use laptops, but Emz bought … Continue reading 15 Days – Day 2

15 Days – Day 1

Day 1: Tuesday 24th March The whole of this week was supposed to be a celebration of our daughter’s 30th birthday, with the family being involved in an event every day. Obviously, in the last week, the plans seemed doomed because of the awful Covid-19 virus. Everything that we have planned has now been cancelled. … Continue reading 15 Days – Day 1

Monochrome or bust

I’ve always loved monochrome photography. From the time I was at university developing and printing my own films in the cavernous dark rooms under the building up to now with digital cameras and processing. Of course, I have always done some colour images. In the eighties, it was transparencies with Fujichrome, but even then I … Continue reading Monochrome or bust

view – XII

This issue of view, the free photozine, is the twelfth and so concludes the first year of its publication. If you have downloaded every copy since the first then well done and thank you. Here's to the next year, 2018.    

Open and Shut

It is important in monochrome images that the photographer can get his vision across to the viewer using only the attributes of that medium. The careful construction of an image should give visual weight to the components in the frame enabling the viewer to see what the photographer intended with his photograph. In the first … Continue reading Open and Shut

Faux infra-red trials – 2

Here’s the second infra-red test, this time on a building, a temple at Stowe.  Perhaps not such a pronounced effect as the statue picture, but then again real IR photographs don’t always work, it depends on the light and subject. >>©<<