Correctly labelled

Some close-up images today which when I first produced them and today when I pulled them out of Lightroom to use in this post I had tagged as "abstract". However looking at them after a certain period of time has passed has made me realise that they are not abstract images, but close-up photographs. I … Continue reading Correctly labelled

The Last of the Winter

The first two photographs this week bring to an end the collection of winter images I have been showing over the last few weeks. I try and get out a couple or more times a week, work and other commitments allowing, and so a backlog usually builds up of processing work to be done. I … Continue reading The Last of the Winter

Open and Shut

It is important in monochrome images that the photographer can get his vision across to the viewer using only the attributes of that medium. The careful construction of an image should give visual weight to the components in the frame enabling the viewer to see what the photographer intended with his photograph. In the first … Continue reading Open and Shut

Out and About

Today I was out and about at Lyveden New Bield a National Trust property in Northamptonshire. The lodge and garden were created by Sir Thomas Tresham between 1595 and 1603. Upon his death in that year, the family wealth depleted, the estate passed to his son Francis Tresham. However Francis along with his cousins Catesby … Continue reading Out and About

Auto ISO

I spent my early photography days using film, especially reversal film which resulted in slides to show in a projector. Reversal film is not as forgiving as print film and that meant that you had to be pretty accurate with all camera settings and that included using the ISO recommended by the manufacturer. I started … Continue reading Auto ISO