Printer Refillable Cartridge System by Marrutt

I have to say that I really love printing my photographs. I have had my Epson SC P600 for about 18 months and from the get-go, it was a breeze to use. I use Lightroom to print my images and that also is so easy to set up and use. There was, of course, some experimentation and wasted paper and ink, but I think that is par for the course and eventually, I arrived at settings that suited my images which are 99.9% monochrome.

One thing that did surprise me, was how long the Epson cartridges lasted. They have been really good although, to be honest, I am not a huge volume printer. However, the cartridges do retail at between £20 – £27 depending on where you look. With nine inks that can get costly. So I have been looking at alternatives without compromising the ink quality or causing damage to my printer.

After looking around I decided to purchase the Refillable Cartridge System from Marrutt. I purchased the set specifically for the P600 and it arrived quickly and very well packaged. In the set (which is supplied with a plastic box to keep all the components in) you get the nine replacement refillable cartridges, the replacement ink (I ordered the 125ml bottles), 9 syringes to fill the cartridges, latex gloves and instructions. I had a couple of questions after it arrived and Marrutt were really helpful, full marks for their customer service.

The cost saving on ink is quite substantial using the Marrutt system. A full set of inks from Amazon, for example, is £192 these are obviously 25.9ml cartridges. A full set from Marrutt is £208 for the 125ml sized bottles. However, the Marrutt bottles will fill the refillable cartridges 5 times, making the cost of each cartridge £4.63 as opposed to £21.00 each for the Epson cartridges. That’s a good deal providing the quality is there.

I intend to replace the Epson cartridges with the Marrutt system as each one runs out, I will post as soon as I have some printed results.



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