Nearly There…

I finally have made in-roads to the photographs I have taken in 2019. I have been approximately 18 months behind my processing since the summer of 2017, and then in 2018, it dropped further back as I attempted to get my Associateship application for the RPS ready.

Actually going back to your photographs after a break is not a bad idea. It gives you time to re-evaluate the images you have taken after a period of time and allows you to approach them in almost a new way of looking. I always try to go through my images shoot-by-shoot to process them. The only times I don’t, are when they were taken for a particular purpose e.g. a competition or magazine submission. This means that I haven’t missed a potentially good shot by skipping through the shoots out of order.

My process of choosing the images to process is straightforward. Once I have imported a shoot into Lightroom, I go through the images immediately two or three times and flag the ones I think that are promising in red. Then sometimes months later when I get to that shoot I have an idea at which ones I thought at the time are worth working on.

Of course, I sometimes remove the flag, as months later, my opinion of the photograph may have changed, and likewise, I may label a different image to process.

It is undeniably useful to wait a short while before processing your images, but of course, you lose that feeling of immediacy and creative absorption that you can get with a recently finished shoot.

I am looking forward to trying to catch up with all my photographs in 2020.



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