Today I said no to the Fujifilm X-Pro3 and purchased an X-T3.

My main camera is an X-Pro2 which is great and I really wanted a third model to come out so I saved up my pennies. When I heard the announcement of the release of the X-Pro 3 I was really looking forward to getting hold of it. The initial information leaks on the camera and its improved capabilities sounded promising. Then the LCD panel was announced. I wasn’t too bothered at first. I mean, I don’t chimp much do I? I thought I would check the next time I went out. Blimey, I do chimp. Not on every image admittedly, but I do. Mmm, this could then be a problem with the X-Pro3’s LCD screen that is viewable only if it is folded it down. I started photography 40 years ago and obviously, I couldn’t chimp with my 35mm Olympus cameras, but being able to check images now immediately after taking them is so useful.

I will admit my initial enthusiasm for the X-Pro3 was now a little dented. However, you can chimp in the EV so perhaps it’s not so bad. But I was now hesitating. The price was a little steep (at the time of writing £1699) my desire for this camera at the moment was leaching away. I had been swaying about waiting for the X-Pro3 or going for an X-T3 for the last few months, a friend has the X-T3 and it is an awesome piece of kit.

So there you have it I got an X-T3 and very nice it is too. Whilst I was in my local camera shop buying it, I was asked about the X-Pro3 and whether I will get it. I said at this time no (obviously der, I’d spent all my money) but when the price comes down who knows. Interestingly one of the assistants said he is an X-Pro2 user and is not buying the XP3. Furthermore, the shop had received no pre-orders for the camera either.

With the success of the X-T line could we be seeing the last of the Pro line? Sales of the X-T1 were very good compared to the first x cameras, the X-T2 sales surpassed it (I have just heard that the X-T2 is now discontinued) and the X-T3 has now sold 40% better than the X-T2 compared to the same period since launch.



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