More than one

I recently attended a regular meeting of the RPS Visual Art group. One of the speakers that day was Sam Gregory. Sam is a professional photographer and tutor for Light and Land photographic holidays. His talk, suitably embellished with his brilliant photography was excellent. If you want to see what his photographs are like then have a look at his website here 

Sam introduced us to his latest project “MESOZOIC – Between Extinctions” at the meeting and it really is a thoughtful and superb collection of images. Rather than approach the project in a more figurative style his images are abstract representations of the 5 ages of the Mesozoic time period based in the area where he lives in Dorset.

Each part of the collection comprises 6 photographs and it was this use of multiple images that got me thinking about my own work. Sometimes it has struck me that the use of one photograph to portray a visual idea might be a little ambitious. With the inspiration of Gregory’s Mesozoic portfolio, I thought that perhaps approaching photo trips in a different way might be worthwhile.

In the future, where I can, I will endeavour to take shots of the subject, object or scene with the ultimate aim of ending up with a three image mini portfolio. If the opportunity arises and the photographic muse deems it possible then perhaps a six image collection could be made.

Thinking about actively pursuing this multiple image idea as opposed to the ubiquitous single image is quite exciting. It will be interesting to see if I get the results that I want.



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