15 Days – Day 1

Day 1: Tuesday 24th March

The whole of this week was supposed to be a celebration of our daughter’s 30th birthday, with the family being involved in an event every day. Obviously, in the last week, the plans seemed doomed because of the awful Covid-19 virus. Everything that we have planned has now been cancelled. So be it, there are more pressing things to worry about. Nevertheless, we are all still off work this week on holiday.

Last night BoJo announced his “lockdown” plans and all three of us were then contacted by our employers that we should go to our respective offices to collect our computers so that we should work from home. Everything seems so surreal at the present time.

Today Tuesday, the weather is glorious and warm for a March day in the UK and at some point, we have to go out and collect computers and paperwork from our various companies so that next week after our holidays end we can do our jobs from home.

A week ago I contacted a tree surgeon about removing some branches from next doors laburnum tree that was encroaching on our garden and today he is coming to the work. It just seems very strange, with all the misery that is going on in the world, that I am having something as mundane as a couple of branches removed from a tree. What is even more strange, is that I am glad about it. It is a bit of normality amongst what seems like chaos.

Anyway, I went out with Emz to her offices to bring her equipment back and Mrs M was at our offices doing the same, and when I came back the tree surgeons had done their work. I stood in the garden in the peace and quiet, because of very little traffic on the road outside, looked at the clean slices on the tree and I felt satisfied. Something that I had planned and set up and controlled had happened. Amongst all of the fear and angst and uncontrollable events going on I had actually made a decision of my own and it had come to fruition. Childish I know, but I felt good.

With no chance of getting out and about to take photographs at the moment, I had already decided that I would try and document the possible 15 days of self-isolation with an image a day and so here is the first one.

The laburnum tree after its surgery.


Stay safe and well.









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