15 Days – Day 5

Day 5: Saturday 28th March. Today we look back on a holiday week that we have never seen before – and hopefully will never see again. It has not been unpleasant, but plans were dashed. Today the weather has turned wintery again. There are flashes of sun, but the clouds soon got in the way … Continue reading 15 Days – Day 5

15 Days – Day 2

Day 2: Wednesday 25th March It’s another glorious day again today in the UK midlands. The sky is completely blue and if you get out of the slight breeze it’s very warm. The first job today was to set up Emz’s workstation in the study. Both Mrs M and I use laptops, but Emz bought … Continue reading 15 Days – Day 2

Inside the Outside – Conceptual Landscape Photography

Having been alerted to their presence by a twitter post, I must admit to having been both amazed and informed by the Inside the Outside (ITO) photographic collective. They are part of a movement called conceptual landscape photography. Having found my way to their website and being astounded by the quality of work on it I must … Continue reading Inside the Outside – Conceptual Landscape Photography