Matthew Hart on photography

Please read this absolutely brilliant post by Fujiholics supremo, Matthew Hart from his LightTraveller blog, entitled, “So you think you are a photographer! There are so many good points that Matthew makes in this entertaining but gritty piece that, in my humble opinion, are bang on the button. So, if you think you are a … Continue reading Matthew Hart on photography

Photo Project

Photograph: Architecture Unlike most specialised areas of photography, there are few tricks or special equipment required for shooting architecture – only careful planning and an open mind. Your shooting position, the time of day, the colour and direction of light all have a profound result on the final image and it pays to shoot from … Continue reading Photo Project

Inside the Outside – Conceptual Landscape Photography

Having been alerted to their presence by a twitter post, I must admit to having been both amazed and informed by the Inside the Outside (ITO) photographic collective. They are part of a movement called conceptual landscape photography. Having found my way to their website and being astounded by the quality of work on it I must … Continue reading Inside the Outside – Conceptual Landscape Photography