15 Days – Day 2

Day 2: Wednesday 25th March

It’s another glorious day again today in the UK midlands. The sky is completely blue and if you get out of the slight breeze it’s very warm.

The first job today was to set up Emz’s workstation in the study. Both Mrs M and I use laptops, but Emz bought her small form factor PC and screen home from work and so needed a table to work from as my desk is already occupied by my photo computer. Once all powered up and connections to servers tested, she was ready to go next Monday after her holiday ends this Friday.

Mrs M and I had our one exercise break this afternoon when we took a walk. The roads were very quiet and the university and science park were deserted. We saw very few people even around the shopping centre and those that we did pass adhered to the two-metre distance recommendation.

Today’s photograph is Emz computer setup in the study. It’s obviously not a permanent setup and knowing that at some point it will go because life would have returned to normal is very encouraging.

Stay well and safe.








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