Keeping busy – photographically.

It’s Monday here in the UK and we are looking at the inevitable total lockdown throughout the country after the moronic activities of the thousands of people who congregated on the coast and in National Parks over the weekend.

With this terrible contagion all around the world, it’s sometimes difficult to look at mundane and day-to-day situations. But, I was thinking about keeping myself busy over the coming weeks and months as far as photography goes. Trips out are quite rightly going to be a no-no, but if you have a private garden there are always possibilities there.

I currently have quite a lot to do with catching up on my processing of scans of 35mm transparencies, printing finished images and processing the remainder of 2019’s photographs and the few that I have taken this year.

But what happens if I catch up with all that? Well, one answer would be to look back over my old images and re-work some of them. If you take RAW then that is no problem, jpg’s are a little more difficult but can be carefully re-worked to a certain extent.

This is an image I took in 2012, I decided that I wanted to make the atmosphere more mysterious and so I burnt the area in around the temple. Some people may like the first iteration, others the second, it doesn’t really matter. The exercise was to process the image in a different way to present a  finished version that had a different feel.

With older photographs, try to get a different feel or emotion from them. If you ended up with mono images, try colour and vice versa. Try new techniques on the images or filters such as those found in DxO’s NIK suite. Go weird, go wacky, but have fun.

How about starting a photoblog of what is happening during the current situation at home. Macro shots are always fun to do and you don’t need an expensive setup to do them. Spring has started in the UK after many weeks of grey, wet and stormy weather, so plants and trees are starting to come to life. If you have a tree or plant in the garden or on the balcony that is beginning to show signs of growth you can catalogue that with close-ups.

Whatever you do everybody, stay safe and stay healthy.









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