The best camera…

I was looking through some of my photographs the other day in particular the ones that had been in galleries and had sold quite well. What come to mind as I looked at them was that it didn’t matter what camera they were taken with, it was the picture that counted.

The image below is one of the best-selling images that I have taken. At the time I was using Nikon’s – a D800 and D7100, with a selection of good lenses. However this image wasn’t taken with either of those fine cameras, it was taken with a Nikon Finepix P300,  an excellent compact, but a compact nevertheless.

Mrs M and I had just finished our evening meal whilst we were staying in Bardolino on Lake Garda and took a walk along the lakeside. I only had the compact with me and I saw the picture below just after the sun had slid down over the horizon and a slight haze was falling over the lake. It was a jpg file so only minimal post-processing could be done, but it didn’t need that much, just a mono conversion and some tweaking.



It just goes to show, the best camera is the one you have on you.



3 thoughts on “The best camera…

  1. Great photo, and taken in one of my favourite place in the world! I can’t agree more that the camera doesn’t matter. One of my most successful photos, which has been accepted in several salons, was taken on a cheap Halina point and shoot film camera.


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