Eye, Eye!

I am right-handed, but a lefty eye person who also wears glasses. By that I mean that when I use a camera I look through the viewfinder with my left eye. As a result I have always had trouble with my nose being squidged against the rear LCD as I use the viewfinder. The other and bigger downside is that using the buttons on the right-side of the camera is more difficult, as cameras have always been ergonomically designed for right-handed, right-eyed photographers. My face and glasses just get in the way when I need to use buttons on the right-hand back of the camera. There is also the smearing and smudging that the rear LCD receives from my face being flattened against it.

When I used Nikons there was still a problem with the buttons, particularly with moving the focus point around the screen with the D-pad. My face just kept getting in the way of my hand. However, the problem has now been compounded because I am using the much smaller Fuji’s. The rangefinder style X-E2 is a little better for button access with the left eye than the X-T1 but it is still difficult to get to those buttons and the D-Pad.

So, I have been trying to use my right-eye in the viewfinder. It is not easy. My glasses get in the way when I hold the camera up to my eye, and I have to arrive at a comfortable position to look through the viewfinder with my glasses. My face also takes on a weird squint as I try to close my left eye so I can use my right in the viewfinder – Mrs M helpfully calls it my constipation face. The upside is that I can easily reach all the buttons I need to, and I can also open both eyes to keep a view of the surroundings. I do find my right eye also starts to ache after a while with the left closed, but hey, “no pain, no gain, right?”

I’ll keep on practising with the right eye and I’ll give an update in a few weeks to let you know how I got on.



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