Out and About: Calke Abbey

I took a trip out to Calke Abbey with two other members of the Viewfinder Club and I think we all went there with the hope of finding some images that we could use for the club’s assignment for this month, “Found still-Life”.

I think by the end of the afternoon shooting that we all found something to take back but it was as we were leaving the house through the central courtyard that I noticed this image. The interior walls of the courtyard were all being repaired and were covered with scaffolding. Over the scaffolding blue sheets of safety netting had been secured creating a blueish, cold, glow in the courtyard. However it was the view upwards that I particularly liked. The blue of the netting and the lines of the scaffolding poles created an eerie, mysterious, view upwards to the open sky.

I used my Fujifilm X-T1 and the 18-55mm f/2.8-4.0 zoom lens


Construct in Blue
Construct in Blue



2 thoughts on “Out and About: Calke Abbey

  1. I particularly like the composition and colour. Very striking. Really like your submissions for this month’s project. Martyn should do well…not so me. Haven’t got any inspiration yet. Rod has his already!


    1. On the choice of subject; anything that has a pleasing grouping will do. Try not to overthink it too much. Look at the play of light on objects – perhaps that might inspire you. Still plenty of time yet.

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