I know I should but…

My Nikon D7100 has some spots on the sensor. I’ve tried the rocket blower, but they just don’t want to move. It’s time for a proper sensor clean.

I know I should do it myself – and I have in the past – but I hate doing it. The last time I tried cleaning my D800’s sensor I somehow managed to put the minutest amount of grease from the edge of the shuttor box on to the sensor. 5 cleaning swabs later and it was still on the sensor so I decided to take it to the experts.

I’ve taken the D7100 to the people who cleaned the D800, the London Camera Exchange in Leamington Spa. They did a great job on the 800, so I’m hoping the same for its smaller brethren. I took it into Leamington this morning and it will be ready to pick up tomorrow. The cost – £30. I’m Ok with that if it means that I no longer have to put up with the shakes as I put the swab through the throat of the camera and then curse as I look at a test image and find the spots are still there.



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