Why did I take that photograph?

I’m sitting here at my desk currently going through RAW images that I took in June 2014 and wondering why on earth I took them. I know at the time I saw something that I thought was worthwhile recording and then working on, but looking at some of them now I can’t for the life of me think why.

I am unfortunately still a good six months behind with processing my photographs. My time doing University work a couple of years ago really put a stop to processing my own images. I was still taking lots as well as those for the course, but I just didn’t have time to finish my own work off. So I continued to take photographs and cataloguing them in Lightroom, backing them up but not processing them as I was still processing those from months before. So they have built up as this mass of images catalogued into shoots, that all should have a raisons d’être. But some of them are bland, un-creative strangers to me.

I’m a methodical person, so it would go against my nature to immediately work on those images I took, for example, yesterday. I feel if I started doing that then the images from months ago will probably never get processed. There are however exceptions.For example, I have been involved in a book project with other photographers based around the title, ‘The Journey’, so these particular images had to be worked on out of sync as it were. My camera club projects also need to be submitted on time, so they also get completed immediately, but the rest must wait until I can get to them.

So I plod on, and I’m getting up to date, but I just wish I knew why the hell I took that picture of the stupid tree against the sky?

It’s just so rubbish.


Below is a picture I took at Charlecote Park on 14 June last year that I have just finished. It’s strange how some photographs can take you right back to the moment you pressed the shutter. I had just taken some images of a herd of deer beneath a tree and turned around to see the light falling on this bench. I remember thinking “oooh I like that”, and taking the photograph.

Photography is fabulous.

Charlecote Park
Charlecote Park



2 thoughts on “Why did I take that photograph?

  1. Hi Ruth, I find that I can remember the exact moment I took many of my photographs. I am currently processing images I took around Loch Lomond in September last year, so I’m catching-up. 🙂


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