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Mrs M, Miss M and myself went for a walk this afternoon in Charlecote Park. There were quite a few people around as the deer herd was pretty much in evidence due to the rutting season.  However I wasn’t well-equiped for wildlife photography as once again I went out with the X-E2 and the Nikon AI-S 50mm lens with its lens convertor.

I really have come to like this little camera and using the Nikon lens on it means I have to focus manually which takes me back to my Olympus 35mm days with my OM-1n, OM-2 and OM-2sp. As I said in my previous post about the X-E2, focussing without a split prism screen is no problem with the focussing aids that the Fuji provides.

The results from the 50mm lens (75mm APS-C format) are not really too bad at all.  Being really, really finicky, it perhaps isn’t quite as sharp as I would like at the edges of the frame when using the larger apertures, but it is only a gnat’s nadger and I can live with that.

I took the hand grip off the camera before I went out as I now have the thumb-rest on the back and I wanted to see what the handling was like.  It is really very nice and very comfortable.  I found that I didn’t miss the grip at all, in fact the thumb rest worked better as my hand wasn’t stretched around the grip.

The image below was taken at Charlecote. ISO 200 at 1/60sec and probably at f/5.6 (the camera doesn’t register the aperture as there are no electrical connections to the lens)




I’m sitting here at my desk currently going through RAW images that I took in June 2014 and wondering why on earth I took them. I know at the time I saw something that I thought was worthwhile recording and then working on, but looking at some of them now I can’t for the life of me think why.

I am unfortunately still a good six months behind with processing my photographs. My time doing University work a couple of years ago really put a stop to processing my own images. I was still taking lots as well as those for the course, but I just didn’t have time to finish my own work off. So I continued to take photographs and cataloguing them in Lightroom, backing them up but not processing them as I was still processing those from months before. So they have built up as this mass of images catalogued into shoots, that all should have a raisons d’être. But some of them are bland, un-creative strangers to me.

I’m a methodical person, so it would go against my nature to immediately work on those images I took, for example, yesterday. I feel if I started doing that then the images from months ago will probably never get processed. There are however exceptions.For example, I have been involved in a book project with other photographers based around the title, ‘The Journey’, so these particular images had to be worked on out of sync as it were. My camera club projects also need to be submitted on time, so they also get completed immediately, but the rest must wait until I can get to them.

So I plod on, and I’m getting up to date, but I just wish I knew why the hell I took that picture of the stupid tree against the sky?

It’s just so rubbish.


Below is a picture I took at Charlecote Park on 14 June last year that I have just finished. It’s strange how some photographs can take you right back to the moment you pressed the shutter. I had just taken some images of a herd of deer beneath a tree and turned around to see the light falling on this bench. I remember thinking “oooh I like that”, and taking the photograph.

Photography is fabulous.

Charlecote Park

Charlecote Park


I had the idea last year that I would try and remember to write an ‘Out and About’ post every time I went out on a shoot. Here’s the first one for 2015.

It’s been a rough start to the year so far. Both Mrs M and I came down with the flu (it WAS the flu, not a cold) over Christmas and to some extent it ruined the festivities. I am only just starting to be able to walk further than 10 yards without requiring oxygen, defibrillator and careful nursing care. It was truly a massive dose of man-flu.

Anyway, today we took a short trip over to Charlecote Park for a walk. I took the D7100 and it’s 35mm lens hoping I might get a couple of shots.

But by the Lord Harry it was cold.

The Siberian-like wind howled across the fields, froze your ears and nose and then tried to pull them off. The sun was playing silly buggers by only popping out every now and again for a few seconds, and the coffee shop was full of weaklings sheltering from the sub-arctic wind. (I must point out that I only went in to the aforementioned coffee shop to humour Mrs M and Miss M, who wanted a beverage and a slice of walnut cake).

Anyway here’s today’s shot. It’s Charlecote church across the wind-blasted fields.





I’m feeling pretty pleased at the moment.

The Royal Shakespeare Company got in touch with me a month or two ago about using a winter image that I took of the house in Charlecote Park for the leaflets and advertising media in productions of Love’s Labour’s Lost and Love’s Labour’s Won which is better known as Much Ado About Nothing. The setting for the plays is, respectively, the summer of 1914 and the winter of 1918.

The stage designs are set around Charlecote Park, hence the request to use my image on their advertising leaflets. The designer had an idea to show the house in both the summer and winter and so my winter image was used as well as a summer one by another photographer.

You can see the result below in a a scan of the leaflet centre pages.



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