A Light on the Past

I have three photographs this week that were taken at the very atmospheric Magpie Mine in Derbyshire. This former lead mine is one of the most famous lead mines in the area as it is the only one that has a significant part of its buildings still standing. The mine was first recorded in 1795 … Continue reading A Light on the Past

Naming Your Photographs

So you have taken your picture, you’ve downloaded it to your computer and you have processed it. Once you are happy with it, you’re going to upload it to social media, or even get it printed and exhibited. Your work of art is now available for the world to look at, they admire it, they … Continue reading Naming Your Photographs

Updated Portfolio

I have just uploaded images from November 2013 on to my portfolio site   This website contains images that I consider to be the best pictures from each month as well as photographs from my special projects. Please go and have a look if you haven’t visited already.