Out and About – Charlecote Park

I had the idea last year that I would try and remember to write an ‘Out and About’ post every time I went out on a shoot. Here’s the first one for 2015.

It’s been a rough start to the year so far. Both Mrs M and I came down with the flu (it WAS the flu, not a cold) over Christmas and to some extent it ruined the festivities. I am only just starting to be able to walk further than 10 yards without requiring oxygen, defibrillator and careful nursing care. It was truly a massive dose of man-flu.

Anyway, today we took a short trip over to Charlecote Park for a walk. I took the D7100 and it’s 35mm lens hoping I might get a couple of shots.

But by the Lord Harry it was cold.

The Siberian-like wind howled across the fields, froze your ears and nose and then tried to pull them off. The sun was playing silly buggers by only popping out every now and again for a few seconds, and the coffee shop was full of weaklings sheltering from the sub-arctic wind. (I must point out that I only went in to the aforementioned coffee shop to humour Mrs M and Miss M, who wanted a beverage and a slice of walnut cake).

Anyway here’s today’s shot. It’s Charlecote church across the wind-blasted fields.





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