Out and About: Charlecote Park

Mrs M, Miss M and myself went for a walk this afternoon in Charlecote Park. There were quite a few people around as the deer herd was pretty much in evidence due to the rutting season.  However I wasn’t well-equiped for wildlife photography as once again I went out with the X-E2 and the Nikon AI-S 50mm lens with its lens convertor.

I really have come to like this little camera and using the Nikon lens on it means I have to focus manually which takes me back to my Olympus 35mm days with my OM-1n, OM-2 and OM-2sp. As I said in my previous post about the X-E2, focussing without a split prism screen is no problem with the focussing aids that the Fuji provides.

The results from the 50mm lens (75mm APS-C format) are not really too bad at all.  Being really, really finicky, it perhaps isn’t quite as sharp as I would like at the edges of the frame when using the larger apertures, but it is only a gnat’s nadger and I can live with that.

I took the hand grip off the camera before I went out as I now have the thumb-rest on the back and I wanted to see what the handling was like.  It is really very nice and very comfortable.  I found that I didn’t miss the grip at all, in fact the thumb rest worked better as my hand wasn’t stretched around the grip.

The image below was taken at Charlecote. ISO 200 at 1/60sec and probably at f/5.6 (the camera doesn’t register the aperture as there are no electrical connections to the lens)





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