OUt and About – Chatsworth House

Today saw us driving up the M1 to Chatsworth House. It had been a couple of years since we have been there and if I remember correctly we didn’t actually go in the house.
The weather was very sunny, but very cold. There was supposed to have been a large bonfire party on the 2nd November, but it was cancelled due to heavy rain. Instead it was being held on the evening of the day we were there and there were hordes of people busy everywhere on the estate.
Some of the garden was cordoned off a round a huge bonfire  and from what looked like hundreds of dangerous looking fireworks being set up alongside the lake, ready for the display in the evening.

Again I took the D800 and the low sunlight and deep dark shadows posed some interesting problems when taking images.

The image below is of the lake and some ornamental slate paving by its banks. I turned the image on its side, and liked the way that the green and the slate fragments looked like a cross-section through a plant stem.

Stem – Nikon D7100