Birthday and a new Nikon D7100

So it’s my birthday today and my wife has bought me a D7100 body to go with the D800 I already have and with that, I think my transition from Olympus to Nikon is complete. My remaining two Olympus bodies, the E-30 and the E-1 together with their battery grips and lenses will be packed away, probably never to be used again. It’s sad, I have loved those cameras but with 4/3 now giving way to M4/3, it’s not the route I want to take and so earlier this year I decided to move to Nikon.

An abortive liason with the D600 because of copious amounts of oil gave way to a D800 and now the D7100 has also arrived. It’s a good deal smaller than the D800 and so will be easier to take on holidays without my better half moaning about the weight of the camera gear I am taking. It will take me a while to build up the pantheon of lenses I want from within the Nikon marque, but the deed has been done.

Au revoir Olympus.