Draycote Water – 23 November

I’m ashamed to say, that despite living in the area for my whole life, this day was the first time I had ever been to Draycote Water. A Severn Trent Water reservoir, it is a popular place with those people who have a penchant for ‘messing about in boats’. There are also a lot of ‘twitchers’ (bird-watchers),bird photographers and fishermen who make regular trips to the water in order to indulge their hobbies.

We took a walk around on a Saturday morning when the sun was out but low in the sky and there was a cold wind blowing across the reservoir. Before we started the five mile walk around the lake, we indulged in a sausage batch (that’s a bread roll to you southerners) and a cup of coffee in the restaurant situated near the car park. I took the D800 and a couple of lenses on the walk and basically just shot those things that were happening on the water and off it.

Draycote Water
Draycote Water – Nikon D800