Photo Projects

Just before New Year, I decided I would put up some photographic projects during 2019 for people to attempt if they wish. My idea was that each month I will place another assignment with a different subject to photograph. I should have placed the first project on ASV on the 1st January…but didn’t. Anyway, here it is, better late than never. The first project for 2019 is below.


Subject: WEATHER

Weather is something that is around us all the time and it can offer up some of our most inspirational photographic opportunities. When photographing weather, always be aware of what is around you and try to capture its effect on those surroundings.

Try to produce 2 final images for this project. These two images should show two different types or effects of the weather. The location of these images is up to you and may be the same as a comparison or in two entirely different locations.

If you have a go at the project why not upload it to a media site and put a link to it in a comment on a sensored-view.

Here are a couple of my efforts.

The next project will start on 1st February, and will be on the blog on that day. Promise!


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