New CM Photo Website Live

I have now finished the redesign of my website portfolio and it is now live.

I have updated the logo on the site to CM Photo and added a splash page. It has once again been built using Adobe’s Portfolio platform.

The navigation has been reconstructed to work with the new layout and I have added new photographs. The biggest change, however, as can be seen by the website title of Monochrome,  is that it shows only my monochrome images, there are no colour photographs at all. This is intentional as I am going to concentrate on black and white images exclusively. As far as is possible I will produce only monochrome photographs.

I will update the Recent Work section of the site as often as I can. This section will feature images taken in the last twelve months or so. The Image Archive sections show photographs taken in the UK over the last ten years as well as sections on Italy, Greece and Croatia.

Please check the website out via the link below.




6 thoughts on “New CM Photo Website Live

  1. Thank you Carol. I’ve found a renewed enthusiasm for my black and white work so it’s this sphere of my photography I want to concentrate on for the time being. Thank you so much for your comments and support.


    1. Nice focus. Just for info I looked at your site on my phone. It behaves really well but I noticed that I was missing a fraction of the C and P from the logo title.


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