Into 2019

So, here we are in 2019 and there’s a new year ahead in which to indulge our photography interests.

From a personal point of view, this coming year is a year of clarification and reorganisation of where my time is going to be allocated in my photography work.

Last year I felt a little under pressure with all the projects I had undertaken. I work four days a week in a “normal” job and my mid-week day off is usually spent…yep, taking photographs. These photographs have to be processed and then maybe printed, however, I am now over a year behind with my processing work because of some of the other stuff I was doing.

I did a 365 project again which whilst enjoyable and hugely beneficial in practising the art of seeing photographs did take the first part of the evening up after I got home from work. I was also preparing and then posting the monochromes every month in my Photozine and I was also starting the preparation for my panel that I am to enter in the Royal Photographic Society’s Associateship distinction. This last work, in particular, has meant numerous re-evaluations, re-printing and much consternation as to whether I am going down the right road with it. I still have a few months work to do on this before it is ready – but the pressure is now on. I am also in the process of upgrading my website and reorganising and replacing the images.

I also run and organize a small online camera club with a different project for members to do every month and preparing and writing the occasional interesting article. I also used to help and advise on the results of the monthly projects with each individual member.

Oh, and last but of course not least, I also have to spend time with my family.

So this coming year I have decided to cut back on some of the photographic work I did last year. The 365 project has now finished, the photozine will probably not reappear until 2020 and whilst projects will still be posted every month for club members to attempt, I will not be giving helpful critique unless I am asked to do so by the member. This last one is particularly difficult as I love helping people get better at and get more enjoyment from their photography.

The goal for the first half of this year then is for me to concentrate on my attempt at the RPS associateship. It has taken me over two years to get to the point where I know what I am going to present, but it all needs refining and the panel of fifteen images arranged in a cohesive and artistic manner. I still have doubts about the subject but I have sent in my entry form so I now have to go ahead with it. The people who know me generally say I overthink things and that for me the glass is always half empty. We shall see. On top of this, I still have my normal images to process and print and I have to finish my website.

So, whatever you are doing with your photography this year, enjoy it, have fun and keep on making great photographs.

Have a great 2019 everyone.



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