Photo Projects

Just before New Year, I decided I would put up some photographic projects during 2019 for people to attempt if they wish. My idea was that each month I will place another assignment with a different subject to photograph. I should have placed the first project on ASV on the 1st January...but didn't. Anyway, here … Continue reading Photo Projects

Windows in Time

The images in this week’s blog are from an ongoing personal project of mine. This project is called Windowlight and it is basically about just that. I photograph the patterns and effects that the light makes as it comes through the window. The only other proviso is that the window must be situated in a … Continue reading Windows in Time

Updated Portfolio

I have just uploaded images from November 2013 on to my portfolio site   This website contains images that I consider to be the best pictures from each month as well as photographs from my special projects. Please go and have a look if you haven’t visited already.