Rocks and Trees

Three more photographs this week from the Bradgate Park photo trip. This time as you can see I have processed them all as monochrome.


Fujifilm X-T1, Fujinon XF18-135mm f/3.5-5.6

The first image was taken because I really liked the way that the scene was split into three distinct areas, the sky, the trees and the ground. Each had different textures and the diagonal movement down to the right helped provide another piece of visual interest. The aperture was set at f/10 to try and get as much in focus from front to back.



Fujifilm X-T1, Fujinon XF18-135mm f/3.5-5.6

The second photograph is a view from the top of one of the rocky outcrops in Bradgate Park. The day was clear and bright and the clarity across to the south was excellent. The rocks for me are a powerful element in this image and provide an interesting juxtaposition to the countryside disappearing into the distance.



The last picture is another faux infrared photograph, done using NIK ColorEfex Pro 4. I really like the graphic, rough quality of the image. The high amount of grain (noise) really adds to that “great outdoors” feel.



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