Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society



Back in March I posted that my photographs were ready to be sent to the Royal Photographic Society in order to be assessed for the award of Licentiate. I’ve been a little tardy in getting back on this, but on 15 April I was informed that subject to authorisation by the Council of the Society I had been awarded the distinction. A couple of weeks later I received confirmation and the society’s certificate for Licentiate.

It had taken me 18 months and many, many hours of short-listing, processing, reprocessing, distinction workshops and finally the submission and when I was informed I had obtained the ‘L’,  I couldn’t even manage a triumphant ‘whoop’ as at the time I had probably the worst case of man-flu known in the history of mankind.

But I was so pleased to get this award, it is an acknowledgment by an organisation recognized all over the world that my photography is of a sufficient standard to warrant the award of one of their distinctions.

Next up – the associateship of the society.

You can see my full licentiate panel and photographs on my website.




2 thoughts on “Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society

  1. Thanks Rod. The associateship is going to be very,very difficult. The first problem is to choose a subject or theme and the you have to take 15 exceptional photos. No pressure then.


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