Naming Your Photographs

So you have taken your picture, you’ve downloaded it to your computer and you have processed it. Once you are happy with it, you’re going to upload it to social media, or even get it printed and exhibited.

Relaxation in Blue
Relaxation in Blue

Your work of art is now available for the world to look at, they admire it, they like it and they look down at the text underneath and see that the photograph that you’ve spent time taking and processing is called “DSC 0098763”. That’s a bit of let-down isn’t it? Wouldn’t the image be more complete with a title? If you go to the Louvre and see the famous picture painted by Leonardo, you would be shocked if on the little plaque underneath were written just a series of numbers.

Shadows of Growth
Shadows of Growth

I believe that the title is part of the picture. It can give the viewer that little push needed to immerse themselves in your creation. It can be as simple as just the location of the image or a more involved title, either would be better than just the original camera file name.

"...but mine was the cheese and pickle".
“…but mine was the cheese and pickle”.

So if we want to name our pictures how do we chose the title, a title that appeals to the viewer, helps them assimilate the photograph and is a perfect addition to the art itself?

There is a very good article here by famous photographer John Paul Caponigro about how to go about giving your photographs titles.


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