RPS submission ready to go

Well the i’s have been dotted and the t’s crossed and my 10 photograph distinction submission is ready to go to the Royal Photographic Society.

All I have to do now is print out two panel hanging plans, place the pictures in the box and take them down to RPS HQ in Bath, ready for the distinction day in April. Will it gain a distinction? I don’t know. I’ve chosen to do all monochrome which I think could be risky but I think the printing quality is there, PrintSpace did a great job and I’ve tried to fulfil the criteria that the Licentiateship distinction calls for. It’s taken me 18 months to get this far. We shall now have to wait and see.




2 thoughts on “RPS submission ready to go

    1. The distinction day is April 13. Apparently if you get a phone call within a day or so, then you’ve failed. If you’ve gained a distinction it can take a week to hear – the award has to be ratified by the council (usually a formality).

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