See the World by David duChemin

Regular readers of AS-V may know that I am a big fan of David duChemin, the Canadian photographer, writer and traveller. He always writes the kind of photography books that I like to read, and takes photographs of the quality that I wish I could take.

Despite his obvious success he always comes across as a genuine, honest and humble man. He also writes no-nonsense common sense commentaries on photography and travelling. I have most of his books both in print form and in pdf e-book.

He has just published another e-book called ‘See the World – 20 Lessons for Better Travel Photography’ and once again his entertaining, easy style of writing and excellent photographs ensure another winner.


David never tells you how to take a photograph. He discusses for example, how he would approach taking pictures of people in another country or perhaps how he would get the image he wanted at a temple in the far-east. But he is keen to point out that they are his methods and if they help the reader, all well and good. His books to me always seem as though you are actually sitting down with him in a bar and you’re just having a good chat about photography. His style is easy and very informative.

His new book (and all his others) can be obtained at his company’s website Craft and Vision. You will also find many more books written for Craft and Vision by other photographers there as well.


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