Out and About – Stratford on Avon

Not having got the chance to go out for a walk yesterday, Mrs M and I decided to go out this Sunday morning. It was a crisp, sunny day with occasional blasts from a very cold wind. We decided to go to Stratford and walk from the free car park by the side of the river Avon just outside the town centre.

When we got there just after ten in the morning the car park was already almost full. There are no dedicated spaces so people tend to park around the outside and then fill in the gaps around the trees that are in the centre of the area.

We managed to find a place and got out to put on our walking boots to find that the whole car park was about an inch deep in clay-like slurry. So much for a clean car – the mess had already sprayed up both sides of my previously clean vehicle.

From the car park we walked along the river into the town. Then once in the town centre, we continued from the basin and walked down to Lucy’s Mill Bridge and over to the other side of the Avon. From there we walked passed Holy Trinity and along the river to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Once there it was into their café and a sandwich and coffee.

Whilst enjoying lunch I noticed on their advertising video screens that they were still showing information about the two plays, Love Labours Lost and Loves Labour Won which they are setting at Charlecote Park, in Warwickshire. Regular readers might remember I was lucky enough to have one of my photographs of Charlecote House used in the brochure for the plays. However whilst I was looking at the screen I noticed that the designer was Simon Higlett, someone who I knew at secondary school and who is one of the foremost theatre designers in the country. A nice coincidence.

Once out of the café we made the return journey to the car once again alongside the river. The car-park was even more busy and the slurry even deeper.

I took the D800 today with the Nikkor 18-35 f/3.5-4.5 a lens I don’t use that much. I’m not sure why I don’t, it’s a great lens. Perhaps I should make the effort to take it out more often.  The shot below is taken from Bridge Foot towards the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Stratford On Avon
Stratford On Avon

Settings: 1/250 at f/10.  18mm. ISO 200




3 thoughts on “Out and About – Stratford on Avon

  1. Lovely shot Clive. Great sky and water. We went to see both the Love plays set at Charlecote – they are absolutely brilliant! Haven’t laughed so much at a production for ages. The whole theatre was rocking with laughter. Very well acted and great scenery too. I felt very smug to know the photographer of half of their promo brochure! Nice coincidence that a chap from your school days was involved too!


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