Out and About – Hatton Locks.

Mrs M and I set out after lunch today for a short walk along the Hatton locks part of the Grand Union canal system. The weather was cold but sunny and we decided to walk towards Warwick for a short while before turning back and getting a coffee at the excellent Hatton Locks café.

As we followed the tow path which descended alongside some of the 21 locks on the system at Hatton, it started to get colder, the sun dropping down behind the tree line. The path along the canal is muddy and now in need of some repair, and one cannot help but wonder now that British Waterways Board has ceased to exist and government funding is no longer available, how the newly formed charity of the Canal and River Trust is going to be able to afford to maintain the 2000 miles of historic canals, locks and buildings.

Mrs M and I walked for a while and then turned back as the sky grew overcast and there was a promise of rain in the air. We passed Mrs M’s new Fiat 500, Alberto, in the car park and made our way to the café for a scalding hot coffee.

I made a mental note to make a longer walk along the Grand Union towards Birmingham and to have lunch at the café. Perhaps one of their delicious sausage batches – that’s roll, bap or cobb to the non-midlanders who may read this.

This is a shot across the canal to the trees and bushes that are starting to encroach on the non-footpath side of the water.

Grand Union canal
Grand Union canal



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