Out and About: Stratford

With the wet weather we’ve been having lately, it’s been very difficult to get out and about without having to get into scuba gear. Today though, the clouds cleared and we actually had sunshine, so I took a trip over to Stratford. I thought that though the water level of the river Avon may be … Continue reading Out and About: Stratford


Out and About – Stratford

This morning I decided to have a try and getting the images for the 12by12 project on Flickr. Each month a well-known photographer sets a project for people to undertake. The first project of the series, is set by British photographer Vanessa Winship and the brief is: photograph someone or something every 100 or so steps. I went … Continue reading Out and About – Stratford

Out and About – Stratford On Avon

The basin in Stratford today was frozen over. The commercial barges that lay at berth were locked in by the ice and the ever-present ducks and swans looked bemused as they ambled about wondering why the water which hitherto they had floated on, had gone hard. The sun was bright, and obviously showing-off, but it’s … Continue reading Out and About – Stratford On Avon