New Flash Gun


I have decided to invest in a flash gun. The thinking behind this is not very clear, even in my own head. I currently do not use flash and I currently do not have a need for shooting on flash.

However, a flash gun should be part of a photographer’s kit and as the little flashes that suddenly pop-up on the camera are next to useless I decided to look at a purchasing a proper one.

So once again I started by looking at Olympus. But their flash guns are a horrendous price. The FL-36 is the standard version of their flash units but prices range from £150 to £200. Far too expensive.


So I looked at Mecablitz and decided on the dedicated Olympus version of the Metz 44 AF-1. I ordered it from Warehouse Express for £145. It has slightly more output than the FL-36 and all the reviews are very good.

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