Black and White Woes


I’ve been having problems with my black and white processing lately. I’ve not been happy with my output and I’ve been struggling to get a finished image that I am happy with.
The problem seems to be that whilst controlling the shadows and the lights to ensure that there is detail in these areas, I drop the contrast too much, so making an image that has all the tones but has no bite.

I have been following the Contrast Grading tutorials by Martin Henson and posting my efforts on the Digital-Monochrome forum. Therein, I think, lies the problem. The people who post on that forum are exceptional and brilliant monochrome photographers and mine quite frankly are not up to scratch.

Placing my images on the site recently have either resulted in no comments at all, which is the worse thing that can happen as it means none of the other members actually think the image is worth commenting on, or comments picking me up on errors which I should have noticed.

That being said I have actually won the forum’s ‘Picture of the Week’ twice and so I suppose somewhere down the line recently I must have ‘lost my way’ with my processing.

So I have decided to go back to Henson’s other system of PWF to see if I can rescue what little skill I may actually have in black and white processing.

I am pleased to say that it seems that I am back on track. I have recently processed one or two images which I am pleased with and it seems the forum also likes them.


Martin’s new DVD on black and white processing should arrive in the next couple of days, so I am looking forward to that and getting stuck in to the new system.

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