National Geographic Earth Explorer Small Shoulder Bag

OK I admit it, I love camera bags.
There aren’t many photographers that have only one bag and I currently have five. I have a Lowepro Flipside AW400 in which I permanently keep all my gear and it’s also the bag I use when I go out hiking to take landscapes. I have a Domke F-6 Little Bit Smaller Bag which is my favourite all-purpose 2 camera bag, a LowePro Terraclime 100 a lovely little one camera bag, a fifteen year old Tamrac zoom pac and my latest, the National Geographic Earth Explorer small shoulder bag.
This bag is designed to take one camera and utilizes the very distinctive National Geographic bag design that they use on all their photographic bags. It’s made of thick canvas (I like canvas bags) and NG say the canvas has been treated to make it waterproof. Your camera also sits cocooned in a padded waterproof lining.

It comes with a very sturdy shoulder strap, a one hand carrying strap and belt loops on the back although I do feel it’s a little large to attach to a belt. It is light khaki in colour and has the distinctive NG logo on one of the pocket covers. In the pictures above on the left you can see the two small external pocket flaps on the top and at the bottom the two very sturdy press stud fasteners to the main flap.  On the right you can see the carrying handle and just underneath that one of the zip pockets which extend the height of the bag. Great for wallets etc..

In the pictures above on the left you can see the velcro fastened small external pockets for memory cards and batteries and the two stud fasteners to the main flap. On the right hand picture the main flap is open showing the innovative rain guard zipped shut around the whole of the camera compartment as well another large zip pocket that is usually hidden by the main flap.

In the image left above you can see the rain guard rolled back and fastened with a velcro loop and I have placed the moveable partitions in a narrowing opening to grip the camera lens as it is pushed into the bag. At the back of the compartment you can see the opening for an internal pocket. You can also see the front zip pocket open showing pen loop and a mobilephone pocket. The picture on the right shows my E-1 with a Zuiko 40 –150 MkI zoom attached in the bag. I cannot get any of my cameras with battery pack attached into the bag however.
This bag is great. I love it. For a quick trip out with 1 camera, 1 lens, a spare battery and memory card, this is hard to beat. My wallet and phone go in the bag and it is really comfortable to carry.
It’s currently on sale for about £40 to £55. Not cheap I know, but it is made to last.
Now then I wonder how much their medium shoulder bag is?

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