Looking to the past, and not liking it.

I’ve been looking at all my images on my Flickr site.
For some time I’ve been thinking it’s time for a bit of a clean up and so I’ve gone all the way back to the very first images that I placed on the site, including those done with my aging Nikon compact.
Oh dear what a shock.
Most of the earlier images are over-sharpened, have too much contrast and are just plain badly processed. So, I’ve initiated a major culling. Some of the images will not see the light of a computer screen again, some I will endeavour to re-process, but as a lot of them are jpegs, I’m not going to be able to do too much with them. If they don’t measure up, then they will be ditched.
The re-constitution of my Flickr site, cannot however not just end with the really old images. Some of the later ones I have reprocessed – since their initial upload to the web -for the ‘British’ and ‘MMX’ books and these later processed images are far better than their Flickr predecessors.
So, I now have a couple of major works in hand.
1. the MMX book which could run to two volumes
2. my Flickr site which needs a clean,  a polish and a re-launch.
I’m enjoying my photography immensely at the moment.

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