2010 photo book


As well as ensuring that I do all the assignments set by the Viewfinder digital Camera Club, I am in the process of sorting all my images from last year into a photo book cataloguing my best pictures of 2010.

I have spent a few evenings trying to decide which company to use for printing the book. I am anticipating about one hundred or so images, so there will be at least 50 pages. The two contenders for printing the book are Blurb and Cewe-Photoworld.

I have used both printers in the past and have been satisfied with their results. Both companies have either an online or downloadable software system for designing the books, and both work very well. The colour rendition, sharpness and quality of both companies output is very good with, I feel, Cewe just having the edge. Blurb’s books are cheaper but their landscape version of photo book is smaller than Cewe’s which is A4 size.

In the end, it was the quality question and the book size issue which made me choose Cewe. As I use a 4/3 system, Olympus, the slightly smaller format of the Blurb book would have meant cropping the images before placing them in the software.

So once I had decided which system I was going to use, I started to reprocess those images I felt needed it before I put them in the book software. As I actually pulled 250 images from my folders for possible inclusion in the book, it will take me some time to arrive at the final 100 or so. The later images of 2010 will not require much if any re-processing, as they have been post processed in the way I now use. Some of the earlier ones however do need a complete re-process from the RAW file up.

Still, it’s good fun to revisit old images, and use more developed skill;s to get the best out of them.

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