Out and About: Stratford on Avon

I was out and about in Stratford today, expressly for the purpose of testing the new 18-55 lens I had just got for my Fujifilm X-E2.  It was a dreadfully dark monotone day.  The kind of grey, lifeless and chilly day that Britain seems to do very well at times.  As a result, camera shutter speeds were slow, apertures wide and ISO’s high.

I’m still getting used to the controls of the X-E2 and like every camera it has its little idiosyncrasies.  I always shoot exposure fully manual and on my Nikon’s I can use the EV compensation button to just tip exposure up and down when I need to.

Yes, I do know that I can just alter the shutter or aperture settings to do the same thing, but after years on aperture priority using the EV compensation is virtually a muscle memory for me now and I just wish I could do that on the X-E2.  But I can’t.  The rather lovely looking retro EV dial doesn’t work in manual exposure mode.  There are rumours of a software update to the X-E2 at the end of the year, I hope that they look at the use of the EV dial in manual mode.

So the picture below was taken on the X-E2 with the 18-55  f/2.8-4 zoom lens.




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